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road trip across the country while fighting off starvation, engine failure and alien abduction 👽

how to play:

1. use the crank to drive

2. enter buildings to search for food

3. starve to death


It seems that this game crashes quite often once starting a second/third run. It is difficult to debug from the sim and Panic doesn't ship PDs to my location currently so it's quite hard for me to fix, however restarting the game should fix things.

Special thanks to ericlewis, vogelscript, Kilij Arslan, ledbetter, NickSr, newkid, PomPomsforLlamLlams, Koshepen and others for all the help & assistance

StatusIn development
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
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aliens_ate_my_boyfriend.pdx.zip 117 MB

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Interesting game, but still some issues. When the alien ship appears, it can crash the entire console (seems to be happening maybe 20% of the time). If I lose and then restart the game in manual mode, the first several stops can't be interacted with (but, seems to be fine if I quit and reload the application or use auto mode).

It's also not too clear what all the items found are for (or what ones you've still got in the inventory), and I'm still trying to figure out the radio.


Just got another crash which actually had a stacktrace this time:
libraries/noble/Noble.lua:173: BONK: You can't start a transition in the middle of another transition, silly!

libraries/noble/Noble.lua:173: in field 'transition'
scenes/van.lua:448: in function 'update_everything'
scenes/van.lua:819: in method 'update'
libraries/noble/Noble.lua:348: in function <libraries/noble/Noble.lua:340>

Think it may have happened as I exited a location and it was trying to transition to night time at the same time or something.

Would also be really useful to save the game at checkpoints.

Ah, thanks. Really useful to see the stack trace- yes I believe youre right this seems to have been triggered at the transition at the end of the day to nighttime. Will have a look

Hey, sorry for the late reply. Yes, I agree with you on everything. The game is very much unfinished (and likely will remain so until I can get a PD). I originally wanted to have an inventory system but abandoned the idea once I realized how difficult it is to debug using the sim alone. Thanks for checking it out regardless!

No problem. Where are you in the PD queue?

I'm not, Panic doesn't ship to South Africa 😭. I could order one from ebay but SA customs make that a big pain.


I absolutely LOVED this concept and despite the crashes, I had a lot of fun leading to actually being abducted by aliens. The art is great, the soundtrack is bumping and the humor is spot on! 

do you consider any turkish translations in the game? if you do please lmk i'd love to do it!!

hey I would love to but it seems like only English and Japanese are currently supported. Once Panic opens these up hmu and we can work on the turkish translations

kk! how can i find your email so i can contact with you?

tmp-jam-email@proton.me but if you need to find me quicker just dm me on itch/twitter/reddit


thank you! i’ll dm you asap


Game looks great! 



Is there a reason why the file size is so big compared to other playdate games?

The radio music files are the biggest (probably like 80% of the size) but there's quite a few image assets too


Makes sense, just wanted to see if there was an issue on my end thanks!

No worries! If size is an issue I can try to release a version without the radio? But it might make predicting the ufo harder


This looks awesome!

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Thanks :) let me know if you spot any bugs


Yep, I think they came in a flying saucer from the east! Better go investigate!